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Omega Concepts employs a team of diverse professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of web design, development and marketing.

Our diverse team is detail-oriented, knowledgeable, responsive and, most importantly, passionate about the work that they do. Each person is an expert in creativity, technology and promotion, bringing their skills forward to every client engagement. In addition, our staff consists of a paralegal, an ex- medical office manager and an ex- cafeteria manager - after all, it is our job to recognize our client's needs and deliver online products essential to their respective industry.

Omega Concepts is founded and led by Alex Bobrov, a software engineer who started his career at the age of 13 when he wrote his first game in Turbo-Basic, and received his first certificate in database programming language (Clipper) when he was 16. Alex is very scrupulous and precise about web development and ensures that every product his firm develops meets and even exceeds the highest web industry standards.